Our patented Security Pocket System solves a problem that everybody has – a need to store their valuables daily with the assurance that they remain secure. The Aption Security Pocket safely stores valuables such as wallets,  cell phones, keys and keeps them hidden from the outside observer.

The Security Pocket’s unique construction is what sets it apart from other types of pockets found in the market. It comprises two pockets, a primary pocket, and a secondary pocket. The secondary pocket is solely accessible from the primary pocket. The primary pocket is accessed as one would a ‘normal’ pocket, and the secondary pocket through the opposite direction (backward, towards the seam). The weight of the valuables kept within the secondary pocket naturally seals the pocket from the inside, making additional hardware such as zippers or closures unnecessary.

This novel pocket system functions to secure items even during the most vigorous activity and its placement ensures contents move with the gait of your leg and are barely felt in motion.

U.S. PATENT NO. 9,700,089

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