Established in Washington, D.C. Aption Aesthetics mission is to engineer garments that embody quality, functionality, and environmental responsibility.
We believe to achieve this mission constructing our garments out of New Zealand MAPP ZQ Merino was the only way to go. Not only does MAPP ZQ Merino have amazing techinical qualities such as moisture management, thermal control, and odor resistance, but it also meets the highest environmental standards carrying both ISO 9000 and Blue Sign System Partner accreditations.
The Mãori, the first inhabitants of New Zealand/Aotearoa believe there is a deep kinship between humans and the natural world. This connection is expressed through Kaitiaki – guardianship for the sky, the sea, and the land.
We at Aption strive to achieve Kaitiaki through the quality, functionality, and environmental responsibility that goes into each garment.

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